David Kristopher 

is an American born Illusionist. David is a sought after Illusionist creating unique performances for the biggest corporations around the world. His unique brand of entertainment will have you and your guests gasping in amazement!

David has been performing magic since the age of 7 after seeing his next door neighbor vanish a coin and had it reappear on the front porch of his home! From there his fascination with the art of magic grew quickly performing his first professional strolling show in Orange County, California for a crowd of over 300 people at an age of only 12!

At the age of 21, David moved to Las Vegas to study with some of the biggest names in magic including Paul Vigil, Johnny Thompson, Lance Burton, Eugene Burger & Paul Harris to name a few...

David has performed at many private celebrity events including the infamous Sundance Film Festival in Park City for celebrities such as 50 Cent, Joel Schumacher, members of the Los Angeles Lakers, Shaquille O'Neal & many others. 

Since then David has been a world class performer to Fortune 500 Companies, Top CEO's & Celebrities. He currently resides in Los Angeles where he regularly performs his unique brand of Illusion.